About a boy…


Why on earth would I do this?

Why would I walk away from the stability of friends and family? Why would I pack all of my worldly possessions into storage and rent out the house that I love living in? Why would I shelve a career as a vet that I’ve been building for so long? There are a lot of questions that need answers. That has been the problem.

For years I have chosen the safer path. And for all of that time I have been telling that inner voice to be quiet so that I can concentrate on the things that I ‘have to do’. When I turned 40, that voice started getting louder and more insistent. It was no longer content to stay quiet.

Answers have come from places where there are no voices. The blackness of a cave in the bowels of a mountain. The surreal seascapes on the ocean floor. Rainstorms on a lonely jungle trail. Sunrise perched on a mountain peak. A stray dog on a deserted beach. Even the incessant traffic of the seething cities beats out its message.

I still don’t have all of the answers. There are still a lot of stones unturned. Let this blog be a journal of my (mis)adventures as I try to work out what it is all about.