38. The Last Leg

Although I had stood at a Laos border crossing, close enough to Cambodia to throw a rock into it, I wasn't allowed through with a motorbike. To continue my roadtrip, I had to make a two day, 600km detour back through Vietnam. This  is the story of the last leg through Cambodia - the final … Continue reading 38. The Last Leg


37. Letting loose in Laos

I was exhausted after finishing my motorbike tour of Vietnam and considered finishing the trip early and returning to Australia. But after a few days recovery from the Northern Loop, I let my remaining momentum carry me across the border into Laos. This is the photo journal of the three weeks to follow. It was … Continue reading 37. Letting loose in Laos

35. A date with the Mafia

Riding from Khe Sanh to Phong Nha, my offended digestive system calmed down at the same rate as my surroundings. The forest thinned, the river gorges shallowed, and the mountains gave way to the bizarre, dark spires of karst country. Shooting vertically from the flat ground, the landscape resembled an enormous graveyard, or something straight … Continue reading 35. A date with the Mafia

31. The elephant crossing

Still smarting from being told off by the police, I left Mui Ne and began the climb up to the cleaner air of the south-central highlands . After the searing heat and blistering wind of the sand dunes, Dalat was a welcome relief. Humidity is a dirty word that shall not be spoken. Instead, misty clouds hang in the valleys between the hills until late mornings, and the air is full of an earthy pine smell from the forests that ring the town.

29. How dangerous are Vietnam’s roads?

In 2008, Top Gear aired an episode featuring Vietnam. Wearing makeshift helmets and loud holiday shirts, the three presenters rode the Hai Van Pass on local motorbikes. Afterwards, Jeremy Clarkson peered at the camera, and in a voice that sounded like he was talking through a very long pipe, declared that the pass was, ‘One … Continue reading 29. How dangerous are Vietnam’s roads?