9. Sunny days at Club Med(an)

The Lonely Planet describes Medan as a confused metropolis of pollution and poverty, where travelers are rare and need to exercise caution. Those that don't just jump on the first bus to somewhere else can expect serious road and Mosque inspired noise, carbon monoxide toxicity and grubby, spartan accommodation. On the upside, it says that … Continue reading 9. Sunny days at Club Med(an)


8. Vale Lembongan

After three great weeks on Nusa Lembongan and its surrounding islands, the time came to move on to something new. I caught the ferry with a bit more panache than my previous effort and sat in a window seat, sadly watching the island grow smaller. I arrived wanting to beat a lifelong fear of being … Continue reading 8. Vale Lembongan

5. Rinjani has no sense of humour

Nothing funny has happened over the past week. In fact, the past days have been no laughing matter at all. I bought a package tour to climb Gunung Rinjani from a shady looking character called Muly. He had been skulking around the bungalows where I had been staying on Gili Air, regularly appearing at my … Continue reading 5. Rinjani has no sense of humour

3. Becoming a marine mammal

Lembongan has the best Indonesian food I've ever had. The warungs aren't flashy. Theres's no costumed waitstaff or gimmicks to attract the western tourist trade. Far from it. The place that the diving crew introduced me to has a dirt floor, at least three or four prostrate dogs and a single waist-high L shaped bench … Continue reading 3. Becoming a marine mammal